Vanished Pull Out Bread


This is my hand made Pull out bread, perfect for cold weather. Sometimes when my li`l kid asks me to name this, I always say that the name is monkey bread. And he will not get one of it because of the name. He`s scared of monkey.

But this is not scary bread haha though, I always give some tricky word to my Li`l ones because he`s so curious about anything. I think he`s genius. (maybe because of continuous watching of Scorpion series at Netflix). Anyway, this bread is perfect with a cup of coffee or chocolate for kids. I put some pizza flavors inside and baked at 180 deg. for 15 mins.

Here`s the Ingredients:


½ kilo of AFL

(all purpose flour)

½ cup of sugar

½ cup of milk

2 tbsp. of dry active yeast ( activated in ½ cup of warm water with 1 tsp. of sugar)

½ tsp. of salt

Pizza herbs

2 tbsp. of oil or butter

Note that if you like your bread with more sweet taste, just add it on according to your desire.


Mix all ingredients to form a dough. Knead and let it rest for 30 min. Cover with clean cloth.

After 30 min of resting, knead a dough for 5 min. This will make the bread soft. Now get the dough and form a log and divide it into desired weight or size. I prefer to make bite size coz I like it cute. After cutting the dough, get each one and kneed to form a round shape. Put some pizza flavoring like cheese or pepperoni, or ham. Just like preparing a pizza. Then close the edge and arrange in baking pan. Rest for 15 min. Before putting into oven, brush it with egg wash.

Now it`s time to preheat the oven. Set the oven at 180 deg. in 15. Min.

And Viola! you have your pull out bread. I called it Vanished Pull out bread because after getting out from the oven, my kids are rushing and ate it even hot. That`s why it`s literally vanished or gone.

But I’m grateful that they liked it, and I know that they eat bread made of love.

That is my way of saying, I love all of you Kids.

Dang Siach (1)

Banana and Strawberry Cake


The morning feels good for my kids every time I baked this mouth watering banana and blueberry cake. I don`t like to buy from commercial bakery to prevent them from taking some unwanted chemicals, like bromate and too much lard or fats. That kind of ingredients is not good to take by our kids. As a mom of three, I always look for the healthy food for the family. It is also a kind of money conservation as I look for financial freedom. Baking is some way of bonding with them as they are busy in their school every day. And to think that they are growing so fast! I preferred cooking with them rather than going to the mall, which is not practical for me. I always look for the way to save as much as I can. So that I can reach my goal for the family. To have a financial freedom.

A Journey to a Financial Freedom



As a Mom, a simple and plain wife, I’m always thinking about how to help my husband in our financial aspects. Of course, I’m dreaming of a good retirement someday. Grow old with good financial status, just enjoying our grandson and daughter with some expensive vacation in the entire Philippines, having a small lot that I can raise and grow our own organic food.Sounds simple, right? Yes, it is but if you don’t have money to finance your need, how can you fulfill your simple retirement dream?

That thinking opens my mind in saving even a small amount of money from my husband’s paycheck.After a keen of observation and budgeting, it comes to my very big eyes that the paycheck cannot suffice our needs. Kids are growing and so as the expenses too. So I need an additional source of income. When there’s a chance of earning a little, I always grab the opportunity. I became an OFW, an entrepreneur, a designer, a seller, a sewer. Even a click and pay on the internet, I grab it until I found out that there is something that simple to earn. I just need to study and some capital and a self-discipline. I only need to learn how my money will work to multiply itself. That’s just simple. And I’m so excited to start..but the question is, Is that simple? I know I’m facing the greatest battle. and the greatest enemy for this journey is ME. I’m inviting everyone to read all my writings. I know I’m not perfect as anyone but I assure you, in this journey, you can pick some tips and knowledge from my own experience. Let this teach you the way to financial freedom.