A Journey to a Financial Freedom



As a Mom, a simple and plain wife, I’m always thinking about how to help my husband in our financial aspects. Of course, I’m dreaming of a good retirement someday. Grow old with good financial status, just enjoying our grandson and daughter with some expensive vacation in the entire Philippines, having a small lot that I can raise and grow our own organic food.Sounds simple, right? Yes, it is but if you don’t have money to finance your need, how can you fulfill your simple retirement dream?

That thinking opens my mind in saving even a small amount of money from my husband’s paycheck.After a keen of observation and budgeting, it comes to my very big eyes that the paycheck cannot suffice our needs. Kids are growing and so as the expenses too. So I need an additional source of income. When there’s a chance of earning a little, I always grab the opportunity. I became an OFW, an entrepreneur, a designer, a seller, a sewer. Even a click and pay on the internet, I grab it until I found out that there is something that simple to earn. I just need to study and some capital and a self-discipline. I only need to learn how my money will work to multiply itself. That’s just simple. And I’m so excited to start..but the question is, Is that simple? I know I’m facing the greatest battle. and the greatest enemy for this journey is ME. I’m inviting everyone to read all my writings. I know I’m not perfect as anyone but I assure you, in this journey, you can pick some tips and knowledge from my own experience. Let this teach you the way to financial freedom.



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